Airbnb Wishlist Not Working – What to Do?

Browsing our favorite destinations can be very relaxing in our leisure time.

Whenever we find something and add it to our bucket list, we just add it to our Wishlist. It’s like shopping in e-commerce stores with the option to buy something that catches our interest.

Airbnb Wishlist Not Working What to Do

Whether it’s for future reference or saving a cost to avail the place, you can compile them all in your wishlist.

On the other hand, instances such as wishlists not appearing or working happen on Airbnb. In this article, we will share what to do if it ever happens, including the pros and cons of using a wishlist.

What Is an Airbnb Wishlist?

If you haven’t explored it yet, this great feature allows you to organize and save your favorite locations on Airbnb.

Every time you browse, you can click the heart icon to add that beautiful tourist attraction of Paris to your wishlist. It makes it easy to track beautiful accommodations you have discovered on Airbnb.

Make sure that you are logged in so you can create, edit, or view your wishlists. You can name it so that it’s easy to identify and categorize your listing, such as “Beautiful wonders in Europe” or “Must-see destinations in Asia.”

Solutions for Airbnb Wishlist Not Working

Sometimes, Airbnb wishlists do not work when you need to view the list again. You might be unable to create a list and organize them again, or it won’t appear. While this can be troublesome, it’s easy to fix.

Here are the following things you can do:

Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Sometimes, the Airbnb Wishlist may not function properly due to cached data or cookies in your browser. The cache is a temporary storage location on your computer where browsers store website data to load pages faster.

Sometimes, the cached data can become outdated or corrupted, leading to issues with the display of your wishlist.

Clearing the cache forces the browser to fetch fresh data from the Airbnb server, which can resolve any issues with the wishlist display. Clearing these temporary files often solves the issue. Consider doing these things:

  • For Google Chrome: Go to Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browsing Data.
  • For Mozilla Firefox: Go to Options > Privacy & Security > Clear Data.
  • For Safari: Go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data.

Update Your Airbnb App or Website

Sometimes, things happen like this because you need to use an updated version of Airbnb’s app. Updates may include bug fixes that address known issues, including problems with wishlist functionality.

The developers usually update the app’s performance, stability, and user experience to remove bugs.

To check if it is updated, go to the Google Play store or App Store, then check if there’s an “update” button; maybe you need the latest version.

Check Your Internet Connection

Internet connections are one of the reasons why things are not correctly functioning. If your internet connection is crawling, the changes you made on your wishlist might not reflect on your device.

Check your connectivity using a different network or avail a Wi-Fi connection. Also, look if you did not set your phone to airplane mode. Doing this simple solution might make your day less frustrating.

Disable Browser Extensions

Unfortunately, there are browser extensions that may not be compatible with the Airbnb website and sometimes can hinder normal functioning.

Items and other general malfunctioning items may not be added or removed quickly in the wishlist. In such cases, disabling or removing the conflicting browser extension can help restore the proper functionality of the wishlist.

Consider How to turn off Plugins and check if the wishlist is working again. Don’t worry; you can always enable the browser extension after this.

Use a Different Device or Browser

Airbnb Wishlist Not Working What to Do

Airbnb may have different compatibilities for different devices, and your device might be incompatible. Well, it’s easy to find a solution to this problem.

Try to switch to another device or a different browser. Through this, you will determine if the problem has something to do with your device.

Consider logging in to your account on another device; it could be your second or your family’s phone. You can sort out if the problem is within the Airbnb platform.

Contact Airbnb Support

If the problem is on the Airbnb platform’s part, you can send a request to their customer support. If the troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue, you may need to contact Airbnb support directly.

In the Help Center, look for the “Contact Us” or “Get Help” option.

It will typically lead you to a page where you can select the issue you’re facing, such as “Wishlist Not Working.” Choose the appropriate option and follow the prompts to reach Airbnb support.

Tell them about your inability to use the wishlist, and they’ll help troubleshoot the issue and provide a solution.

Alternative Methods to Save Your Listings

Anyway, if you don’t want to waste time figuring out how to fix the wishlist, you can use quick alternative methods.

If the Airbnb wishlist is not working yet, this might be a bug, and you don’t have to bother yourself with that. Here’s how to save your favorite accommodations without the need for a wishlist:

Take Screenshots

Taking screenshots is one of the most common and quick things to do in life. If you have found a beautiful location or accommodation, just take a screenshot.

Include the listing details, description, and any other important information. You can make a folder in your gallery to quickly locate it, just like a wishlist.

Bookmark in Your Web Browser

Airbnb Wishlist Not Working What to Do

You don’t like to flood your gallery with screenshots? Then, you may bookmark your favorite accommodations when browsing the webpage. Rename that bookmark to find the list you have created easily.

This way, you will not miss out on essential listings and destinations while the wishlist is technically not working. It is also time efficient, similar to saving it in the app.

Create a Document or Spreadsheet

If you are into organization and want to keep things accordingly, create a separate document or spreadsheet. It is a manual way to save the details of the listing.

At the same time, it’s easy to categorize them based on your preferences. The good thing is that you will track the cheapest and most expensive. It is easy to find a particular listing if you have listed them accordingly.

Use External Note-Taking Apps

If you are a person who likes noting everything, consider using note-taking apps like Evernote or Google Keep. You can organize and save your listings by putting the details and adding tags for easy reference.

Be specific in the price, listing title, and location. It can keep your listing organized while the Airbnb wishlist is not working.

All you need is to try it in your notes, save it, or copy-paste the property details as quickly as possible. It’s also convenient, similar to a wishlist feature.


Airbnb Wishlist can help save time searching and organizing your favorite listings. However, technical issues can sometimes hinder its functionality and may cause frustration on your part.

You can troubleshoot and resolve common problems regarding the Airbnb wishlist by trying the abovementioned things.

Remember to update your app or website, clear cache and cookies, and contact Airbnb support if necessary. In the meantime, explore and try alternative methods for saving your desired listings while the wishlist feature is not working.