Where to Buy Airbnb Gift Cards: A Comprehensive Guide

Airbnb gift cards are perfect presents for our friends and loved ones who are into traveling.

Where to Buy Airbnb Gift Cards A Comprehensive Guide

The recipients can select different accommodations without restriction from their favorite destinations. Whether they are nearby or worldwide, you can always give them Airbnb gift cards.

It is a popular choice that is easy to process; with a click, your friend can automatically use it anytime and anywhere they are.

In this article, we will share the best places to buy an Airbnb gift card and the perks of using it in Airbnb accommodation.

What is an Airbnb Gift Card?

Like other gift cards sold anywhere, an Airbnb gift card can be bought digitally or physically, offering you the preferred choice.

You can call it a redeemable digital voucher that can be used to deduct the overall cost we need to pay during the booking.

Getting one is easy; you just have to select your desired amount, ranging from minimum to maximum. It will then be delivered via email or in a printed form to hand to the person.

It’s less hassle and can be used directly for any eligible booking on Airbnb. The following are the best places to buy Airbnb gift cards:

Airbnb Website

You can buy an Airbnb gift card directly through the Airbnb website. Look for the gift card section, then select four preferred designs and denominations.

There’s also an option to make it personalize such a custom message to make it more memorable. Airbnb also offers corporate gift cards for employees and customers.

After you successfully purchase one, it will be delivered via email. In the meantime, Airbnb gift cards from the website are unavailable in all countries. To check for eligibility, visit the Airbnb help center.

Retail Stores

Are digital gift cards less unique? You can get a physical gift card from retail stores, head to the aisle, and look for valuable Airbnb gift cards you can give your special loved ones.

Retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy offer different ranges of gift cards. The price varies from $25 to $100, which can be paid through credit and debit cards.

Not to mention that you could also get cashback from these retail stores.  Note that each retail store may run out of stock, so checking other stores offering Airbnb gift cards is best.

The availability may also depend on your location, so research for retail stores with Airbnb gift cards.

Online Marketplaces

Where to Buy Airbnb Gift Cards A Comprehensive Guide

Are there no retail stores in your area selling Airbnb gift cards? We got you covered because several online marketplaces offer Airbnb gift cards to Amazon and eBay.

They can be your go-to places when looking for digital gift cards. Various sellers offer a wide range of Airbnb gift cards, and you can choose the best deal.

To ensure a safe transaction, it is a friendly reminder to check the seller’s legitimacy, including the product reviews.

The gift cards sold from online marketplaces are ‘no returns and no refunds, so if you purchase one, make sure it is in the correct amount. Some sellers may offer discounted prices, which will save you a lot of bucks.

Gift Card Websites

Another way of buying Airbnb gift cards is through gift card websites like Giftly, Giftcards.com, and eGifter. You can browse lots of gift cards depending on your needs and preferences.

Like the Giftly website, you can buy an Airbnb gift card worth $25 to be delivered in a customized greeting card by email or printout. It offers physical and digital gift cards so that you will have the best choice.

Don’t forget to compare different prices before buying one, and consider the shipping fees when buying a physical gift card from websites.

Grocery Stores and Drugstores

Grocery and drug stores also offer Airbnb gift cards, but like the retail stores, it depends on your location. You can find gift card kiosks or easy-to-locate gift card sections from chains like Kroger, Safeway, and CVS.

You can select various gift cards, including Airbnb gift cards, and convenient for picking up along the way. As a reminder, don’t forget to research the availability and the denominations online.

Mobile Payment Apps

Have you ever thought of buying gift cards from mobile payment apps? You can purchase an Airbnb gift card through apps like PayPal, Venmo, and Google Play. It is very convenient for users who do most transactions on mobile devices.

For PayPal, you can buy an Airbnb gift card ranging from $25, $50, $100, to $200, and you can select this for yourself or as a gift.

What are the Perks of Buying Airbnb Gift Cards?

Where to Buy Airbnb Gift Cards A Comprehensive Guide

People buy Airbnb gift cards as thoughtful and dedicated presents across the globe. With Airbnb gift cards, sending someone we love a memorable gift without visiting them is easy.

Whether you bought it physically or digitally, the process of it is quick and straightforward. The following are the biggest perks of buying Airbnb gift cards:

Personalized Gift

It’s suitable as a personalized gift that you can purchase through different denominations. You can choose the value that fits your wallet and the recipient’s travel cost.

You can choose whether you’ll give it in a physical form or electronically. There’s an option to add a message to express your well wishes or heartfelt notes.

You can also select designs for the cards, such as beach-themed ones for beach traveling or nature-inspired designs for those who love hiking.

Convenient and Easy to Use

It’s easy to use even for the first time using an Airbnb app or platform. It’s easy to redeem by just entering the code found on the gift card during the booking process.

It can be easily used to save costs from the total amount of accommodation during the payment process—no need to enter credit card details upon claiming the code, which is a hassle-free experience for everyone.

No Expiration

It is the biggest perk of buying Airbnb gift cards: they do not come with an expiration. Whether it is still claimed or unclaimed by the person you intend to receive it, it won’t affect the card’s longevity.

It makes it an ideal birthday gift for recipients who cannot use it immediately and can offer a flexible plan without hurrying to use it. There’s no pressure of a limited timeframe.


When buying Airbnb gift cards, plenty of options are available to suit your preferences.

Whether you prefer to purchase directly from the Airbnb website, visit a retail store, explore online marketplaces, or utilize mobile payment apps, you can find the perfect gift card for any occasion.

Consider the convenience, personalization options, and availability when making your decision. Remember to research available deals to get the most discounted price and save more; not only that, but you can also earn cashback.

With an Airbnb gift card in hand, your loved ones will have the opportunity to create unforgettable travel experiences wherever their wanderlust takes them.