How Airbnb Arbitrage Works – Explained

How Airbnb Arbitrage Works Explained

Airbnb arbitrage is a real estate investment strategy where you act as a middleman between the owner and the guest. You are renting a property while subletting it to Airbnb guests. This strategy is popular in short-term rental platforms such as Airbnb. It is also similar to buying or investing in a property. However, this … Read more

How Much Do Airbnb Cleaners Make an Hour? Explained

How Much Do Airbnb Cleaners Make an Hour A Full Guide

Airbnb cleaners are essential for keeping the property clean and ready to use. As the rental business grows, so does the demand for professional cleaners who help the host maintain the sanitation of their property without doing it alone. But how much do Airbnb cleaners make per hour? The answer depends as rates differ per … Read more

How to Share Airbnb Reservation With Someone – Guide

How to Share Airbnb Reservation with Someone Guide

Traveling with friends, family, or acquaintances can mean a different feeling and experience. Another way to make it is by sharing an Airbnb reservation with someone where you can also manage the cost. It allows you to stay together and make a memorable travel experience. However, sharing a reservation with someone is not automatic, and … Read more

Can You Smoke Outside Airbnb? – Explained

Can You Smoke Outside Airbnb All You Need to Know

One of the challenges inside an Airbnb property is the smoking policy. While Airbnb is considered more flexible and comfortable than traditional hotels, there are some specific rules and guidelines that hosts and guests need to follow. One of the commonly asked questions by the guests is whether they can smoke outside an Airbnb property. … Read more

Reasons Why Airbnb Doesn’t Have a Pet Filter

Why Airbnb Doesn't Have a Pet Filter Explained

Traveling and availing a place to rent has never been so easy, not until Airbnb platforms came. It offers many opportunities for accommodations, making it convenient for travelers to find and plan their ideal vacation. Despite the many filters available, one crucial feature needs to be added – a dedicated pet filter. Travelers often find … Read more