How to Share Airbnb Calendar With Cleaner

Being a full-time host is not easy and requires a commitment to always keeping your property presentable and clean.  It should not be a burden in your everyday life to worry about neglecting tasks like cleaning.

How to Share Airbnb Calendar with Cleaner Best Ways Guide

All you have to do is to know how to share your calendar with your cleaners to view upcoming bookings and schedule cleaning appointments.

When they have access to your Airbnb calendar, they will also be updated about the recent changes in the reservation schedule.

For you to understand how it works, we will share the importance of sharing your calendar and the best ways to do it.

Why Share Your Airbnb Calendar With Your Cleaner?

Sharing your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner offers several benefits, enhancing the overall guest experience and helping you manage your rental property efficiently. Here are some key reasons why sharing your calendar is essential:

Efficient Scheduling

Sharing your calendar lets your cleaner view upcoming bookings and plan cleaning appointments accordingly.  As a busy host, you don’t always have time to remind your cleaner when to clean.

Especially when you have a sudden increase in bookings for this month and need urgent cleaning, share your calendar with your cleaners; they will understand your occupancy schedule.

It sets attention on doing their part in cleaning on time.

For instance, during busy periods with frequent turnovers, the cleaner can prioritize more frequent cleanings to maintain the property’s cleanliness standards.

Conversely, during quieter weeks, they can optimize their schedule by reducing the number of cleaning appointments.

This flexibility in scheduling based on occupancy trends is only possible when the cleaner has access to the shared calendar.

Real-Time Updates

We are now living in technology, and the best way for your cleaner to be updated is by sharing a calendar. It provides them with real-time updates regarding booking cancellations, reservations, and changes in the schedule.

They can constantly adjust their time, especially when they receive notifications about unexpected guests requesting an early check-in.

The cleaners may schedule advance cleaning to prepare the property before guests arrive. On the other hand, if your cleaner has no access to your calendar, they may not be aware of the changes.

Improved Communication

Sharing the calendar fosters better communication between you and your cleaner.

It provides a transparent view of the property’s occupancy, making coordinating cleaning tasks easier and addressing any specific requirements for each booking.

Sharing the calendar allows hosts to communicate any special requests or unique circumstances to cleaners efficiently.

Enhanced Guest Satisfaction

When your property is always clean and tidy, your guests will be satisfied with your property. Sharing a calendar with your cleaner can keep your space consistently clean at all times.

If one of your guests requests for specific cleaning in the amenities, you can update it via the shared calendar. The cleaner will receive it and address the solution without cleaning it yourself.

Your cleaners can then prioritize the tasks and provide personalized service on time. When you maintain cleanliness in your property, your guests will always leave you a positive rating and even loyalty in repeat bookings.

Best Ways to Share Your Airbnb Calendar With Your Cleaner

How to Share Airbnb Calendar with Cleaner- Best Ways Guide

Now that you understand the importance of sharing your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner let’s explore the best ways to do so effectively:

Syncing Calendar With Third-Party Apps

You can sync your Airbnb calendar with third-party scheduling apps like Google Calendar or iCal. Sharing Calendar Links Airbnb provides a shareable link to your calendar that you can send to your cleaner.

This link gives them view-only access to your calendar, allowing them to see upcoming bookings and plan cleanings accordingly.

To sync your Airbnb calendar with third-party apps and share it with your cleaner, you can follow these steps:

Connect Your Airbnb Calendar to Other Websites

  • Go to your Airbnb Calendar on the Android app or mobile browser.
  • Select the listing calendar you want to sync.
  • Navigate to the right panel or click Settings to access your pricing and availability settings.
  • Click on Availability > Calendar sync.
  • Choose “Import calendar” and paste the URL from your external calendar (e.g. VRBO) into the calendar address field.

Share Your Airbnb Calendar with Your Cleaner

  • Add your cleaner as a co-host on Airbnb.
  • Use an external calendar synced with Airbnb to share the schedule.
  • Consider using a third-party Airbnb management service for easier coordination.

These methods will help you effectively sync your calendar with third-party platforms and share it with your cleaner, making hosting easier.

Setting Up Calendar Notifications

You can enable calendar notifications so your cleaner can receive alerts for new bookings, changes in the reservation schedule, or upcoming cleaning appointments.

It ensures that they stay informed and can take immediate action when needed. You may use property management software like iGMS, Hostify, or Guesty.

These tools offer automated notifications for cleaners regarding bookings, check-ins, and cleaning schedules. Customizable alerts can be set up to keep your cleaner informed and organized.

By using these tools and methods, you can ensure that your cleaner receives timely notifications and stays updated on the schedule of your Airbnb property.

Create Cleaning Checklists

How to Share Airbnb Calendar with Cleaner- Best Ways Guide

Alongside sharing the calendar, creating detailed cleaning checklists for your cleaner is essential.

Always ensure you have specified the cleaning tasks required, especially during your guest check-in and check-outs.

Use task management platforms such as Asana or Todoist to make sharing calendars with your cleaner easy. Here’s how Asana’s scheduling calendar works:

  • Calendar View: In Asana, users can switch to the calendar view to see tasks and projects displayed on a calendar timeline. Tasks with due dates are automatically populated on the calendar, visually representing deadlines.
  • Task Scheduling: You can assign due dates to tasks and set dependencies to create a structured timeline. Tasks can be dragged and dropped on the calendar to adjust timelines and reschedule as needed.
  • Task Details and Attachments: Next, click on tasks within the calendar view to access detailed task information, attachments, comments, and subtasks. This feature provides a comprehensive view of task requirements and progress directly from the calendar.
  • Timeline Management: The calendar view in Asana helps users visualize project timelines, identify overlapping tasks, and manage workload distribution effectively. Users can directly adjust task durations, deadlines, and dependencies from the calendar view to optimize project schedules.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Asana’s calendar view enhances collaboration by providing a shared visual representation of project timelines for team members. Team members can communicate within tasks, share updates, and track progress seamlessly within the calendar interface.
  • Sync With External Calendars: Asana allows users to sync project timelines and tasks with external calendar applications, ensuring that deadlines and updates are reflected across platforms.

Use Cleaner App

Apps such as Turno, formerly TurnoverBnB enable hosts to integrate their Airbnb calendar with the app.

By sharing the calendar with their cleaners through TurnoverBnB, hosts can provide real-time access to upcoming bookings and cleaning schedules.

This integration ensures that cleaners are always aware of new bookings and can adjust their cleaning tasks accordingly, leading to better coordination and timely turnovers.


Sharing your Airbnb calendar can make it easy to manage cleaning tasks and provide accurate updates to your cleaner. You don’t have to be 24/7 available to remind your cleaners when to clean.

It takes one update in the calendar for them to be notified. Always communicate with your property cleaners and ensure they understand their efficient cleaning scheduling tasks.

By doing the right thing of sharing your calendar, you make it simple to automate cleaning and the workflow process of it.

Effective communication, real-time updates, and efficient scheduling are vital elements in successfully sharing your Airbnb calendar with your cleaner.