Charging for Early Check-in on Airbnb: Process Explained

In the bustling world of travel, jet-lagged tourists and weary business travelers eagerly anticipate the comfort of their accommodations. Early check-in on Airbnb emerges as a knight in shining armor.

How To Charge for Early Check In in Airbnb

It’s a service that can make all the difference, especially for those arriving after a red-eye flight or simply looking to kickstart their vacation.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to charge early check-in on Airbnb.

Defining Early Check-In and Its Advantages

Early check-in on Airbnb is like a golden ticket for guests. It allows them to enter their chosen property before the standard check-in time. The perks of this privilege are manifold:

  1. Convenience: No more standing in lengthy queues at the front desk or frantically searching for a spot to store luggage. Early check-in ensures a hassle-free start to your stay.
  2.  Flexibility: It gives guests a head start, enabling them to make the most of their precious time. Whether diving into sightseeing or preparing for a crucial business meeting.
  3.  Peace of Mind: The early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the room. Arriving early assures guests that they have a comfortable place to relax and rejuvenate after a long journey.

Host’s Perspective: Pros and Considerations

From a host’s perspective, offering early check-in can be a boon. It’s a chance to shine in guests’ eyes and boost those coveted guest ratings. However, hosts must tread carefully:

Availability: Hosts need to ensure that the property is available and in tip-top condition before the guest’s early check-in. It often requires coordinating with cleaning crews and managing other guests’ schedules.

Scheduling Conflicts: Sometimes, a host may find themselves in a tight spot with back-to-back bookings, making accommodating an early check-in request impossible.

Additional Costs: Early check-in has its costs. Hosts might need to shell out extra for cleaning or compensate staff for accommodating early arrivals.

Factors That Shape Early Check-in Charges

As with most things in life, the timing of early check-in plays a pivotal role in determining the associated charges. Let’s delve into the factors that come into play:

The Timing of Check-In

It’s a simple equation: the earlier the guest arrives, the higher the fee will likely be. It’s because hosts need to be increasingly flexible with their schedules and cleaning crews to make room for early arrivals.

For instance, a host might charge a flat fee of $25 for check-ins before 10 a.m. Then $50 for arrivals before 8 a.m.

Property Availability and Cleaning Schedule

The property is already in use on the day a guest seeks an early check-in. The host may find it necessary to impose an elevated fee.

This additional charge serves as a means to cover the expenses associated with the extra cleaning and preparation. This is essential for a seamless shift from one set of guests to the next.

Guest Demand and Market Trends

The law of supply and demand also extends its influence here. In areas with a high demand for early check-in, hosts often seize the opportunity to charge premium rates.

If the demand is low, hosts may be more accommodating, offering early arrivals for free or at a reduced fee.

How Much for Early Check-In in Airbnb?

1. Flat Fees

The most uncomplicated and direct approach involves levying a set fee for early check-in, regardless of the timing. This method is transparent and straightforward, making it understandable for hosts and guests.

2. Percentage-Based Charges on the Nightly Rate

Some hosts prefer a more intricate approach, calculating early check-in charges as a percentage of the nightly rate. While this method is more complex, hosts and guests can perceive it as fairer.

Crafting Competitive Early Check-in Rates

Achieving the perfect early check-in rate requires a delicate balance. Guests might be encouraged to book the property if the fees are too steep.

On the other hand, setting prices too low could prevent hosts from covering the expenses of accommodating early arrivals.

Transparent Communication of Early Check-in Policies

How To Charge for Early Check In in Airbnb

Communication is the linchpin of a successful early check-in experience. Hosts must be transparent about their policies and clearly state whether early check-in is an option. Here are some effective communication strategies:

Fostering Openness in Early Check-in Discussions With Guests

In the Airbnb listing description and house rules, hosts should unequivocally convey whether early check-in is available.

If so, the associated fees and any constraints that may be in place. This transparency helps guests make informed decisions when booking.

Leverage the Use of Airbnb’s Messaging Platform

Airbnb’s messaging platform provides a convenient avenue for hosts to relay their early check-in policies.

After a booking is confirmed, hosts can send guests a message outlining their early check-in rules. This information can also be integrated into the check-in instructions before guests arrive.

Crafting Precise House Rules and Check-in Guidelines

Creating detailed house rules and check-in instructions ensures a smooth early check-in process. These guidelines should include information about early check-in availability, related fees, and special requirements.

Check-in instructions should elucidate how guests can access the property and whom to contact in case of early check-in hiccups.

Crafting a Smooth Early Check-in Experience

The early check-in journey continues after clear communication. Hosts need to make an additional effort to ensure the guest experience is smooth and unforgettable. Here’s how they can achieve this:

Preparing Your Property for Early Arrivals

Hosts should ensure their property is squeaky clean and fully prepared for early arrivals. It includes meticulous cleaning, laying out fresh towels and linens, and verifying that all amenities are in perfect working order.

Thoughtful hosts may consider providing welcome snacks, drinks, or a bottle of wine to make guests feel appreciated and welcome.

Managing Guest Expectations Gracefully

Effective management of guest expectations is essential when it comes to early check-in. Hosts should be upfront about when the property will be ready for early arrivals.

They should also be prepared to address guests’ questions or concerns about the early check-in process.

Catering to Special Requests and Unique Circumstances

Flexibility is a virtue in the world of hospitality. Hosts should be willing to entertain special requests and unique circumstances from guests checking in early.

Whether accommodating luggage storage or assisting with an early morning meeting, this can foster a positive guest experience.

Managing Early Check-in Requests

How To Charge for Early Check In in Airbnb

Efficiency is the name of the game when managing early check-in requests. Hosts should establish a streamlined process for handling these inquiries:

Delivering Timely and Professional Responses

Prompt and professional responses to early check-in requests are a must. Hosts should swiftly inform guests whether their request can be accommodated. If so, what fees are associated?

If early check-in is unfeasible, an explanation and alternative options, such as luggage storage or local recommendations, should be offered.

Approaching Requests Beyond the Host’s Comfort Zone

Some hosts may find themselves outside their comfort zone when faced with unique early check-in requests. It could be a substantial group of guests arriving in the wee hours of the morning.

In such cases, collaborating with a professional Airbnb management company can be wise.

These experts can take the reins, from responding to requests to preparing the property for early arrivals. Also, it ensures a seamless experience for both host and guest.


Early check-in significantly elevates the guest experience and host ratings on Airbnb. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to acknowledge that there are more comprehensive solutions.

Hosts must consider various factors, including check-in timing, property availability, and guest demand, when establishing early check-in fees.

Effective communication, both transparent and precise, is critical to guiding guests through the process.

A smooth early check-in experience involves meticulous property preparation, expectation management, and a willingness to accommodate special requests.

Lastly, hosts should implement an efficient process for handling early check-in requests. And ensure that they respond professionally to create a positive Airbnb experience.