Common Problems with the Airbnb Website [+ Solutions]

It’s upsetting when you try to reserve a rental on the Airbnb website and get an error message or a redirect.

Common Problems with the Airbnb Website and How to Solve Them

This is the same problem hosts face on the Airbnb website when they try to update an offer and get an error message.

Although technology occasionally fails, you may need more information to navigate the website. Airbnb has a helpdesk for resolving common Airbnb website issues via email or text.

However, the best way to solve the problem is to call them or ask the Airbnb community for help.

But before you get there, here is a helpful troubleshooting list of common problems users encounter on the Airbnb website.

Why Can’t I Make a Reservation on the Airbnb Website?

You cannot book accommodation on the Airbnb website for many reasons. Here is a list of possible causes.

An Incomplete or Unverified Profile

It’s impossible to make a reservation with an incomplete, unverified profile. Airbnb requires the traveler’s full name, address, and ID. You also need to upload a profile picture that shows your face.

Verify that the name on your card and the payment information on Airbnb match. If the names don’t match, you’ll get an error message when you pay.

Making a reservation is also difficult if you have bad or no reviews. Airbnb recommends that new members tell the host they’re new and have no reviews yet.

The reason is that Airbnb hosts and super hosts are hesitant to accept visitors without reviews.

Age or Suspicious Activity

To book a vacation home rental, you must be 18 years and above. Airbnb also limits 25 years old and younger in France, Spain, and the UK.

The company flags suspicious activity, such as late bookings. They also flag reservations within your community.

For 25-year-olds and under, three or more positive reviews and no negative reviews suffice to make a reservation.

The Host Preference Settings

Airbnb host settings might be the reason you cannot make reservations. Contact the host and send them the exact error message you are receiving.

The host may change a setting or send you a booking invitation so you can make a reservation.

The Airbnb Payment System Is Not Working

Sometimes you’ll try to make a payment, and the system keeps declining. Other times, a system glitch may ask you to make payments many times, even though you’ve already made the deposit.

When unable to make payments, double-check your payment method under your profile. Also, check if your credit card has enough funds to make a reservation.

Lastly, double-check if your card is still active by checking the expiry dates to avoid getting frustrated when making a payment.

Common Problems with the Airbnb Website and How to Solve Them

Airbnb Unresponsive Live Chat: You’re Not Able to Message the Host

Waiting for days to hear from a host or getting an error message after trying to message the host of a particular Airbnb is terrible news.

You’ve already spent hours filtering through many listings and checking availability. You finally settle on a listing, but the host can’t see your messages, or you can’t send them a text message.

If you experience this, clear your cache and try again. Press the CTL +H key combination to clear your browsing history (all previous or recent activity). You can also try using a different browser.

Secondly, check if you’re approaching it the right way. Look for the words ‘hosted by” and then for the ‘contact host’ tab. Click on it and try sending a message again.

If that doesn’t work, contact Airbnb to find out if the host is still authorized to rent out apartments temporarily. Airbnb might have blocked the hosts, or they might be under review.

Airbnb’s Error 503

Error 503 is a server error and not a problem on your end. It occurs during the vacation season when many people try to make bookings or when the company updates the system.

Usually, users can reaccess the site after that.

The Airbnb Site Is Down, and You Cannot Make Payments

The Airbnb site was recently down for 47 minutes, and users could not log in or make reservations. This has happened before, but it only lasts for a while. Try again after an hour or less.

You Try Logging In, and You’re Forced to Sign Up as a New User

If you try logging in to your account and get redirected to sign up again, contact Airbnb customer service for assistance. It might be a system glitch.

Also, check your login credentials or click “Forgot Password” and follow the prompts.

Airbnb Website Hosts Problems

As a host, you are familiar with common issues on the Airbnb website, such as your listing not showing up on the site. Here’s a list of common problems and solutions to improve your Airbnb experience.

Why Is My Airbnb Listing Not Available?

When you list your short-term vacation home, it appears on the search list after 24 hours. It could also be that Airbnb suspended or paused the listing.

Reasons include low ratings, unresponsiveness, bad reviews, or frequent cancellations of reservations.

Airbnb allows you to reactivate your listing after you meet the basic requirements. They also allow you to appeal.

Also, check if you snoozed the listing. To correct this, look for ”Listing” on the menu, click on it and find ”Listing Details.” It should direct you to ”Listing Status.”

Look for the ”Host” tab, select ”Listing”> ”Listing Details”> ”Select Listed”, and save.

Why Is My Listing Lowly Ranked?

A lowly-ranking listing is a common problem for Airbnb hosts that results in zero or few bookings.

In 2022, Airbnb introduced machine learning. Currently, Airbnb categorizes and searches listings using a specific algorithm.

So, if your listing is lowly ranked, do the following.

Ensure Your Listing Is Correctly Set Up and Priced

Double-check your listing info—things like location and address.

Optimize Your Airbnb Listing to Solve the Airbnb Low-Ranking Problem

Use the right words and photos to improve your rental search rankings.

Airbnb Keywords

Describe your home or room available using keywords that users are likely to type in when searching.

You can also describe nearby tourist attractions that may excite vacationers. Things like theme parks, gardens, museums, beaches, aquamarines, etc.

Airbnb Professional Photos

Common Problems with the Airbnb Website and How to Solve Them

You need professional photos to give users a glimpse of what to expect.

Ask an expert to help with this and ensure the images are high-quality- 1024×683 pixels.

Ensure you give the best version of the house with no clutter on kitchen countertops and work desks.

Stay Active on the Airbnb Website

Try to log in often so that the algorithm takes note that you’re an active host and improve your search rankings.

You can stay active by responding to reviews, logging in daily, and interacting with clients.

Turn On Instant Booking

Airbnb favors hosts who turn on instant booking, and their listings appear high on search results.


You can fix common problems with the Airbnb website by clearing your browsing history and trying again after a while.

You can also resolve these issues by double-checking your personal information and Airbnb policies. Booking errors can be fixed by messaging hosts.

In addition, hosts who are concerned about their listing and its visibility should optimize their listing with keywords and professional photos.

Staying active and enabling instant booking also improves your chances of appearing on the first page of customer searches.