Airbnb WiFi Not Working? [Solved]

One common issue travelers face is when the WiFi at their Airbnb rental stops working. It can be frustrating, especially when you need to stay connected for work or personal reasons.

Airbnb WiFi Not Working–What Do I Do

In this article, we will explain some steps you can take to troubleshoot and resolve the issue of Airbnb WiFi not working.

So, you can get back online and make the most of your stay. Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb user or a first-time traveler.

The guide will provide the information you need to keep you connected and on top of your travel plans.

Airbnb Wifi Rules

Airbnb has established clear guidelines for determining wifi speed in its properties. To ensure that both hosts and guests have a clear understanding of internet speeds, Airbnb created a five-category system.

If the wifi speed registers at 0 Mbps, it is considered to have no wifi. The host should investigate any connectivity issues with their router.

A speed of 1-6 Mbps is considered slow, only allowing guests to check messages and surf the web.

A rate of 7-24 Mbps is considered decent, suitable for streaming HD videos, but not ideal for working online.

A speed of 25-49 Mbps is considered “snappy,” allowing guests to stream 4K videos and make video calls.

The maximum speed listed by Airbnb, 50+ Mbps. It is considered the ultimate speed, perfect for guests who want to stream 4K videos and browse the internet on numerous devices. Also make video calls.

If a host’s property has this level of wifi speed, they should prominently highlight it in their listing description.

Airbnb Has Slow WiFi – What Should I Do?

Slow WiFi at an Airbnb rental can be a frustrating and inconvenient experience. However, you can take a few steps to resolve the issue and improve your connection speed.

  1. Restart your device and modem: This can often resolve simple connectivity issues.
  2. Check the number of devices connected to the network: If several devices are connected to the same network, it can slow down the connection speed. Try disconnecting some devices to see if that improves the speed.
  3. Contact the host: If you’ve tried the above steps and the connection speed is still slow, it’s time to reach out to the host. Provide them specific details about the slow connection speed and ask if they can help resolve the issue.
  4. Change the position of the router: Sometimes, the position of the router can affect the connection speed. Try moving the router to a different location in the rental and see if that improves the speed.
  5. Check for network congestion: If there is a lot of network traffic, it can slow down the connection speed. Try disconnecting some devices and see if that improves the speed.

Airbnb WiFi Not Working–What Do I Do?

Airbnb WiFi Speed Test Tool Not Working & How to Handle That

The Airbnb Wifi Speed Test Tool is a feature that allows guests to check the connection speed at their rental.

However, if the tool is not working, it can be challenging to determine whether the issue is with the WiFi itself or the tool. Ensure that you have downloaded the Airbnb Speed test tool in Playstore or Appstore.

“Testing your WiFi on Airbnb” – The feature is only available on the Airbnb app and not on the website.

To ensure a smooth testing process, please make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the Airbnb help article:

Before testing the WiFi network, you must add to the listing’s “Info for Guests” section; you can do it either on the app or the website.

To add WiFi from the app:

  1. Go to Profile, then Switch to hosting.
  2. Select the desired listing.
  3. Under “Info for Guests,” tap on “WiFi.”
  4. Go to “Amenities” and select “Internet and office.” Choose “Edit.”
  5. Enter the exact network name (the name you would select when connecting a device)
  6. Add the password and save the information.
  7. Then, click on “Test wifi speed” and tap “Start test.” You can repeat the test multiple times and save the fastest result.

Other Ways to Handle Airbnb Wifi Speed Test Tool Not Working

If the first solution did not work, here are some ways to resolve the issues.

  1. Check Your Device and Internet Connection: Ensure to connect your device to the internet and that you have a stable connection.
  2. If you’re using a mobile device, try switching to a different network (such as a cellular network) and see if that resolves the issue.
  3. Refresh the Page: Sometimes, simply refreshing the page can resolve the issue. Try this step before moving on to other options.
  4. Try a Different Speed Test Tool: If the Airbnb Wifi Speed Test Tool is not working, you can try another speed test tool to check your connection speed. There are several free tools available online.
  5. Contact the Host: If you’ve tried the above steps and the tool is still not working, it’s time to reach out to the host. Provide them with specific details about the issue and ask if they can help resolve it.
  6. Contact Airbnb Customer Support: If the host cannot resolve the issue, you can contact Airbnb customer support for additional assistance.

In case you’re still facing issues, contact Airbnb customer service. They may ask you for screenshots or a video to understand the problem better.

It would include the following:

  1. The network name added to your listing’s “Info for Guests” section
  2. The name in the WiFi test tool
  3. The name of the network you are currently connected to on your phone.

Airbnb WiFi Is Not Working – Refund

If you experience issues with the WiFi at your Airbnb rental, you may be eligible for a refund. The refund amount will depend on Airbnb’s refund policy and the agreement you have with the host.

Airbnb WiFi Not Working–What Do I Do?

According to Airbnb’s policy, guests are eligible for a refund if the listed amenities are not as described. Or if they are not working correctly during the guest’s stay.

It includes the WiFi; if you experience issues with it, you should contact Airbnb’s customer support team as soon as possible. Then, report the problem and request a refund.

The process for a refund will vary depending on the circumstances and your agreement with the host. In some cases, the host may offer to resolve the issue and provide a partial refund.

In other instances, Airbnb may offer a full or partial refund based on their investigation and evaluation of the situation.

It’s essential to remember that Airbnb’s refund policy is designed to protect both the guest and the host.

As such, guests should provide clear and accurate information about the issues they experience with the WiFi.

Also, follow Airbnb’s guidelines for reporting and resolving disputes. With the correct information and support, you can ensure that you receive a fair and prompt resolution for any problems.

Including your experience with the WiFi at your Airbnb rental.


If you encounter issues with your Airbnb WiFi not working, you can take a few steps to resolve them.

Firstly, ensure that the WiFi network you want to test has been added to the WiFi section in the listing and that the network name and password are accurate.

If you still have problems, contact Airbnb’s support team and provide them with screenshots or a video. It is important to note that the WiFi test tool is only available on the Airbnb app and not on the website.

By following these steps and working with the support team, you should be able to resolve any issues with your Airbnb WiFi.