How To Write A Polite Bad Review as Airbnb Guest

When it comes to traveling, our experiences may differ from positive to negative. Sometimes, careful planning is not satisfying because you may be in a less-than-ideal situation as a guest.

How To Write A Polite Bad Review as Airbnb Guest A Full Guide

While it’s easy to leave a praising review for an excellent host, how do you write a polite but honest bad review as an Airbnb guest?

This article will provide a complete guide to ensure that your bad review is polite. It should not be disrespectful or rude; instead, it should appear as constructive feedback and not a complaint.

The Importance of Constructive Feedback

Constructive feedback helps the host understand what they are doing well and what they can do to improve the property.

Hosts may offer you compensation for your honest and helpful review.

Honesty Matters

Being truthful in your review is essential for other potential guests and the host to improve their services. Your review matters a lot because it tells about your experience. Make it genuine without exaggerating the further essential details.

 A Chance for Improvement

Your feedback can lead to positive changes, ensuring future guests have a better experience. It will also help the host to identify the areas they need to improve. You can also add suggestions either about their service or utilities.

Guides Hosts to Enhance Their Hospitality

By writing a valuable review regarding the host’s hospitality, they can enhance the guest experience and build a positive community.

Add feedback about how they treat their guest. Are they kind and welcoming? Do they listen to your concerns? These are just the things that you can include when writing a review.

Assessing the Situation

Before you start writing your review, evaluating the situation and reviewing the policy is crucial. Do not just immediately write a burning review; take some time to write correctly without hesitation in leaving such a review.

Take a Deep Breath

Sometimes, your emotions can immediately change after a very disappointing experience. Take a little break to calm down before writing a review.

Do not write offensive or insulting reviews when you are not in the mood. Write when you have cooled down so you won’t regret the feedback you would leave.

Gather Evidence

Collect evidence, such as photos or messages, supporting your claims. It can add credibility to your review.

By saying they have dirty rooms without inserting images, your review is less likely to be believable, so include some documentation.

People might think you are destroying the host’s business. To avoid that, attach images with your experience.


Consider the communication and contact customer support to resolve the issue. Sometimes misunderstandings occur, and if not appropriately discussed, it will result in a conflict.

It’s essential to talk about your concerns as soon as possible. If they did not reply to your concerns, you can leave a final review regarding your overall experience.

Crafting Your Review

How To Write A Polite Bad Review as Airbnb Guest A Full Guide

Now that you are ready to write something, be transparent and authentic to what you will say. Think that no one will pressure you for a review and that it is relevant.

Stay true to yourself and write what you think can help the future guest looking for accommodation. Make it clear and easy to understand.

Start with Positives

Begin your review by highlighting any positive aspects of your stay. Mention things that the host did well. It’s essential to write the pros and cons to be fair and not unbiased.

Consider highlighting your positive experience, then proceed with what you did not like about the stay.

Be Specific

When discussing your issues, provide concrete details without resorting to personal attacks. Only include necessary things that will make your review relevant.

Make it specific and concise enough for the one reading your review to understand it well. Reviews should be brief but detailed enough to provide valuable information to the host and potential future guests.

Use Appropriate Language

Choose your words carefully. Instead of saying “horrible,” say “challenging.” Maintain a polite tone throughout. Avoid complex words that are hard to read.

You are writing your review to share your experience and to help others decide. Do not include the personal life of the host. Keep it focused on the property and the interaction with the host.

Suggest Improvements

Offer constructive suggestions on how the host can improve the situation for future guests. Offering tips encourages hosts to take responsibility for their property and respond to guests’ needs.

Hosts can use feedback to improve their property and make solutions to address guest experience. It’s a mutual benefit where the host can attract more bookings, and guests can enjoy better stays.

Airbnb relies on guest feedback to maintain the quality of their listing on the platform. Your review contributes to their growth.

Addressing Specific Scenarios

While different situations require tailored approaches, it’s essential to be specific about the problem to provide a relevant suggestion.

For Cleanliness Issues

If the problem was cleanliness, politely mention the areas needing improvement and how they affected your stay. You can start by stating the quality and sanitation of the water.

Tell them the condition of their bedding, bathroom, and kitchen.

For Communication Problems

How To Write A Polite Bad Review as Airbnb Guest A Full Guide

If communication was an issue, explain its impact on your experience and suggest better ways to stay in touch. If the host is hard to reach out to, try to suggest adding a contact number or customer service.

Unauthorized Charges or Issues with Payments

You can contact the host if you notice unauthorized charges or payment issues. If the situation persists, contact Airbnb’s support team for assistance.

Security and Safety

Consider addressing the security and safety of the property. Describe their locks, alarms, or surveillance system if they are functioning.

State if their doors and windows are secure and the property has a well-lit entrance, especially at night. Check the history of the property if there is a history of robbing.

All of these are very important not just for the future guests but also for raising the host’s awareness.

Leaving a review encourages improvement and accountability. When done right, it shapes the guests’ staying experience and the host’s responsibility in offering a stay.

Remember that your Airbnb review is an opportunity to help other travelers make informed decisions and encourage hosts to improve their services.

Just be honest and constructive. Preview your review to check its accuracy, then click submit for it to be visible to the host and future guests.


Writing a bad review should not be insulting or offensive to read. It should address the problems by expressing one’s concern politely and constructively.

Use the right words, focus on specific issues, and offer suggestions for improvement.

By writing a polite review, you can help the host improve their properties and services without making them feel bad. A good review is not only a reflection of your experience but also a guide for future guests. It will help them decide very well on their next accommodation.