Can Airbnb Host Increase Price After Booking? – All You Need to Know

Airbnb has allowed many travelers to find accommodation that best suits their tastes during trips.

Can Airbnb Host Increase Price After Booking —All You Need to Know

While this sounds like a pleasant opportunity, tales of Airbnb hosts charging more than necessary for apartments are unending.

These acts make guests settle grudgingly for the new price or seek accommodation elsewhere.

You may then wonder if your Airbnb host should be requesting an increase in price after booking. This guide explains this situation in detail and shows you what to do.

Can an Airbnb Host Increase My Rate After Booking?

There are many reasons why an Airbnb host can increase the price of Airbnb apartments. But do these reasons apply to bookings that have been made and confirmed? The answer is no.

Your Airbnb host cannot increase the price after you have made your reservations or bookings.

Your Airbnb host needs to send you a proposal with a special offer and a custom price.

You have to accept before Airbnb, or your host can change the price of a confirmed booking. A special offer can be due to the following reasons:

  • Extra cleaning options. If you would like your Airbnb to be cleaned more often than usual or well cleaned out before you lodge, you may be required to pay extra.
  • An increase in pet fees. If you would be coming in with pets, you may need to pay extra for the pet fee.
  • More supplies like extra bedding, towels, or robes may also incur extra fees.
  • Property damage. If guests have damaged property at the Airbnb, the host can add the repair cost to the guests’ fees.
  • If there are extra guests. You have agreed with your Airbnb host to accommodate a certain number of people at a price. But if you want to have an extra one or two people around, you might be charged extra.
  • Special requests like using the garage or parking lot for your car.
  • Changes in reservations may also cause an increase in the fees to pay. An example is when you wish to stay an extra night or two. The host may ask you to pay more as you have exceeded the time of stay you agreed on.

What Should I do When My Airbnb Host Sends a Proposal for a Price Increase?

You may receive a proposal with a special offer asking that an Airbnb host increases the price of your apartment.

If this happens after you have confirmed your booking, you can accept or reject the proposal. However, here are some steps to take if your host asks for more money after booking.

Weigh Your Options

First, you have to consider the details of the special offer. Check out what benefits you gain from it and if it is worth the extra pay.

For example, you may benefit from additional cleaning services for a slight increase in price. If this is a good deal, you can accept the proposal presented by your Airbnb host for a price increase.

However, if you disagree with the special offer presented by your Airbnb host, you may decline the proposal.

If you decline, your Airbnb host cannot increase the price after confirming the booking. You can then proceed to cancel your reservation and find another listing.

Renegotiate With Your Host

Can Airbnb Host Increase Price After Booking —All You Need to Know

If your Airbnb host asks for more money after booking your lodging, you can request to negotiate. You can do this when finding another space is complicated, or your stay is almost over.

However, if you know your host has a valid reason for asking for an increase, you can settle on a comfortable figure.

For example, you can negotiate an increased cleaning fee by asking to do some cleaning yourself. You should only do this if you feel it is a good deal and will help improve the situation.

Renegotiating is, however, not an option if you realize that your host is only trying to exploit you. Suppose a cleaning fee was part of the earlier charge, you should not have to pay more after booking.

Your host can only charge more for cleaning when you require an additional service. An example is cleaning after your pet does its business in the apartment.

Contact Airbnb Customer Service

Your host should not ask you to pay more than the agreed price of your apartment. However, if this happens, you should let Airbnb know.

Once you have reached someone from the team, explain the situation in detail.

You should also show proof or records of your conversation with your host. Keeping conversations with your host on Airbnb will help you at this stage.

The team will assess the situation and suggest what to do to you and your host.

My Airbnb Host Is Asking for a Price Increase – How Can I Cancel My Reservation?

It is usually advisable to let the host cancel the reservation instead. While several hosts may refuse to do this, stand your ground and insist they cancel. If they refuse to cancel it, they can leave the price as it was.

Airbnb prioritizes guests and would not like that hosts have left their guests stranded by canceling on them. Hence, hosts get several penalties for canceling a reservation on guests.

So, a host that wants to increase the price after booking may want you to cancel if you disagree.

Penalties Airbnb Hosts Face for Canceling a Reservation

  1. Money loss. Airbnb may take some money out of hosts’ pockets for canceling a reservation. This is, however, based on the reason provided.
  2. Airbnb may decide to block the dates of the canceled reservation. Hence, hosts cannot get another booking for those days.
  3. When a host cancels a booking frequently, their rating drops, making them less likely to find more customers.
  4. If a host has over 3 cancellations a year, they can lose their Airbnb account.
  5. A host that frequently cancels guests’ reservations may also be less likely to become a superhost on Airbnb.

However, if you wish to cancel by yourself, it’s not a problem. Canceling your Airbnb reservation should be done online on Airbnb’s official website.

Before you cancel, ensure you know the terms and conditions thoroughly. Read about the refund policy or have the Airbnb customer service put you through.

Can Airbnb Host Increase Price After Booking —All You Need to Know

You can cancel if you have proof that your host is illegitimately asking for a price increase. Have the records and evidence to back up your claim.

Also, ensure you go through the proper process by sending a cancellation request to your host first. You will get a full refund if your host approves in 24 hours.

However, if your host declines, you can stay in the apartment at the original price.

Final Thoughts

Airbnb provides superb service by helping several people find comfortable apartments during travels. However, navigating the pricing system can be quite a job.

There is a general question that every guest seeks to be answered. As a guest, you may wonder if your host can increase the apartment price after booking.

There are various reasons why an Airbnb host might see the need to ask for a price increase. But this is only possible with the consent of the guest.

The guest must weigh all options and decide if a price increase is the best.