Can My Airbnb Host Kick Me Out? – All You Need to Know

Has your Airbnb host kicked you out of their home even before your stay is over?

Can My Airbnb Host Kick Me Out – All You Need to Know

Or have you heard stories of guests being unexpectedly kicked out of their rental, leaving them stranded and frustrated in an unfamiliar location? You are not alone.

Safety and security concerns are prevalent among all Airbnb guests. However, no host in their right mind will kick you out of their Airbnb property for no reason.

But they will kick you out if you fail to adhere to Airbnb’s and host-specific rental rules and regulations.

This article will address this pressing question and your options if the guest kicks you out.

Can Airbnb Host Kick Me Out for No Reason?

Airbnb hosts have the right to ask you to leave if you violate the house rules or cause damage to the property, but they cannot kick you out without a valid reason.

It is important to understand that Airbnb’s policies protect the rights of both guests and hosts.

You deserve to know why you’re being asked to leave and to contest the eviction if you believe it’s unfair.

Although you have the right to a safe and comfortable Airbnb environment, you must respectfully treat the host’s property.

If you fail to do so, your host may have grounds to ask you to leave. However, if you’re not violating any rules and your host still wants to evict you, ask for a valid reason.

If you are in this situation already, remain calm and keep all communications professional and polite. Most importantly, contact Airbnb’s customer service immediately.

They will investigate, mediate, and offer alternative accommodations and a refund if necessary.

When Can an Airbnb Host Kick Out a Guest?

It is quite rare for Airbnb hosts to kick guests out of their property without any valid reason. My extensive Airbnb experience and research reveal five underlying causes, including:

Breaking House Rules

Can My Airbnb Host Kick Me Out – All You Need to Know

Understand the rules and expectations of your host before checking in.

Some common house rules include no smoking, parties, or pets. If you violate any of these rules, your host may request that you leave the property immediately.

For example, throwing a loud party and disturbing the neighborhood’s peace can compel your host to take serious measures like asking you to vacate the premises.

Property Damage

Another common reason an Airbnb host may kick you out is due to property damage. This could include anything from accidentally breaking a dish to causing extensive damage to furniture or appliances.

Following the host’s instructions and guidelines is the best way to avoid property damage.

Always report any damages you notice upon arrival and notify your host of the damages that occur during your stay.

Safety Concerns

Safety concerns are a top priority for hosts and guests, and it’s essential to understand when a host may need to take action.

Some behaviors that can make the host kick you out of their Airbnb property include smoking inside and bringing unauthorized guests, which could heighten fear and suspicion.

The host may also ask you to evacuate the property if there are safety concerns, such as a natural disaster, gas leak, or other emergencies.

In such cases, the host remains responsible for your safety and may ask you to leave quickly.

Illegal Activity

Your Airbnb host can also kick you out if they catch you engaging in illegal drug use, prostitution, theft, domestic violence, or possession and use of firearms.

If you’re a victim, your Airbnb host can help you find local resources for help, but if you’re the perpetrator, your host has the right to terminate your stay.

They also have the right to call the police to escort you out of the property.

To avoid this situation, abide by the house rules and local laws. And if you need clarification on any rules, communicate with your host before your stay or upon arrival.


Non-payment is a valid reason for an Airbnb host to kick you out. Airbnb hosts rely on property income and may have turned down other bookings to accommodate your stay.

The host can charge you additional fees for late payment, pets, or damage to their property.

Failing on the agreed payments can cause significant financial losses, and Airbnb hosts must protect themselves.

Pay the agreed-upon fees on time to avoid being kicked out by your Airbnb host. If you’re having financial difficulties, communicate openly to see if there’s an arrangement you can make.

My Airbnb Host Has Kicked Me Out. What Should I Do?

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Here are the options to explore if the host has already kicked you out:

  • Contact Airbnb’s customer service immediately: Although the host can ask you to leave before the end of your reservation, that does not mean Airbnb’s customer service cannot come to your rescue. They should be your first stop whenever you face any disruptions during your Airbnb vacation. They will investigate, mediate, and offer you alternative accommodations if necessary.
  • Remain calm and keep all communications professional and polite: Dealing with stressful situations like a sudden eviction from your Airbnb rental can be challenging. It is essential to communicate professionally and politely if the host asks you to leave. Being calm helps de-escalate potential conflict and can afford you the host’s mercy.
  • Review the Airbnb policy if you feel the host has acted unfairly: If your host has kicked you out, it’s essential to review the Airbnb policy to understand your rights and options. The policy states that hosts can cancel a reservation at any time if the guest violates the rules or policies, but the host must provide a reason for the cancellation.
  • Document the situation: Take photos of the property’s condition and damages and record any conversations or interactions with the host. Keep all receipts and paperwork related to the reservation and any expenses incurred due to the situation. This information can help you negotiate a resolution with the host or provide evidence to Airbnb customer support if necessary.
  • Seek legal advice: It may be necessary to seek legal advice if you have been kicked out of an Airbnb property, particularly if the local authorities or police are involved. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options and advise you on proceeding with any potential legal action.
  • Find a safe place to stay: If your Airbnb host has kicked you out, finding a safe place to stay should be your priority. You can search for hotels and other vacation rentals or even reach out to friends or family members in the area. Make sure to keep any receipts or documentation related to your expenses. You might need it to file a claim with Airbnb or pursue legal action against your host.


Adhering to Airbnb and host-specific house rules is crucial for a happy and memorable vacation.

Avoid illegal activities, take care of the host’s property as if it were your own, and pay any agreed-upon fees on time to avoid being kicked out.

If the host insists you must leave, document the situation, contact Airbnb’s customer service immediately or seek legal advice.

All in all, communicate professionally and politely to de-escalate potential conflict and find an alternative safe place to stay.