How to Properly Respond to Airbnb Reviews

Receiving reviews from guests can be satisfying and terrifying when they’re negative.

How to Properly Respond to Airbnb Reviews Best Practices Guide

As a host, you cannot please all the guests to stay on your property; the others might always have something to say. Take this as a constructive criticism for your business.

However, many hosts don’t even know how to act and respond appropriately to their guests, ending up sounding rude. In this article, we will give you tips on appropriately responding to your guests.

Best Practices on How to Properly Respond to Airbnb Reviews

The following are the things you can do to respond to your guest effectively:

Read and Understand the Review

When a guest leaves a review after their check-out, it’s important that you thoughtfully read and understand their feedback. Pay attention to both the positive and negative aspects mentioned.

Do not immediately react to the negative comments you will receive; instead, learn to understand your guest’s perspective.

You pretend to be a guest reading reviews and exclude yourself from being a host for the moment. Take note of the highlighted concerns, including the positive experiences.

As a host, you must respond to all the reviews because it shows that you care and listen. Guests get satisfied when their queries are noticed and responded to.

Respond Promptly

You should respond promptly and significantly when your guest misunderstands something as much as possible. You don’t want them to review your property negatively on other platforms.

The ideal time to respond is at least 24 hours after they posted the review. In addition, quick responses mean that you, as a host, value your guests’ feedback.

Always aim to address the concern and solve any conflict to minimize receiving very negative feedback.

Be Polite and Professional

You cannot avoid situations where your guest will leave a downgrading review about your property and their overall experience.

You don’t need to match the same energy by being mean to your guest; instead, respond politely. Calm down and remember that how you react to your recent guest will give others the impression of what you are as a host.

Choose to be polite as it represents politeness as a host, and continue to provide hospital accommodation to your guest. If expectations were not met, you may respond by apologizing instead of talking back negatively.

Personalize Your Responses

How to Properly Respond to Airbnb Reviews Best Practices Guide

Make an effort to personalize your responses to each guest. Use their name and refer to specific details mentioned in their review. As much as possible, avoid automated or generalized responses.

Show your guests that you value their stay on your property and the feedback they have provided.

Build a connection that will last with your guests and leave a good impression. When you personalize your response, you create a genuine and meaningful interaction with your guest.

Here are some tips on how to personalize your response:

  • Use the guest’s name: Address the guest by their name in your response. This small gesture shows that you remember and appreciate their stay.
  • Refer to details: Mention details from the guest’s review to show that you read and appreciated their feedback. For example, if they mention enjoying the view from the balcony, you can say, “Thank you, Joe, for highlighting the stunning view from our balcony. We’re thrilled that it added to your experience.”
  • Acknowledge their experience: Show empathy and understanding by acknowledging the guest’s experience. If they mention a specific aspect they enjoyed or a challenge they faced, address it directly in your response. It demonstrates that you value their perspective and are attentive to their needs.
  • Express gratitude for their specific feedback: Thank the guest for their particular feedback and highlight its impact. For example, if they mention how your local recommendations enhanced their trip, express your gratitude and mention how you strive to provide valuable insights to all guests.
  • Tailor your tone: Adjust the tone of your response to match the guest’s review. If they had a positive experience, match their enthusiasm and express your delight. If they face challenges, show understanding and a willingness to address their concerns.
  • Offer personalized recommendations: If the guest mentions future visits or expresses interest in returning, provide personalized recommendations for their next stay. Suggest nearby attractions or experiences that align with their interests to make them feel valued and excited about returning.

Address Concerns and Offer Solutions

If a guest raises any concerns in their review, address them promptly and offer appropriate solutions.

Instead of responding with a negative comment, apologize and assure them their feedback will be answered and solved for improvement. If necessary, explain or clarify any misunderstandings.

Offering solutions shows that you are proactive in resolving issues and committed to guest satisfaction. Depending on the kind of concern, offer a solution or resolution to address the guest’s problem quickly.

In a few cases, you can offer a refund, provide compensation, or make arrangements to rectify the situation. Be proactive in finding a resolution that satisfies the guest and demonstrates your commitment to their satisfaction.

Showcase Your Commitment

How to Properly Respond to Airbnb Reviews Best Practices Guide

Use your responses to highlight your commitment to providing an exceptional experience. You can share your improvements or changes based on the feedback.

It shows you are a responsible host who doesn’t ignore guest concerns. Future guests will feel reassured that you are taking the steps as a host and committed to the guests’ satisfaction.

Stay in touch with your guests even after their stay. Send occasional updates, newsletters, or personalized messages to keep them engaged and informed about any upcoming promotions or events.

It helps to keep your Airbnb top of mind for their future travel plans.

Encourage Future Bookings

In your response, you can add a short message to encourage them to book with you again. It’s like you are happy to have them and want to see them again in the future.

Express how grateful you are for choosing your property and tell them you are delighted they enjoyed their stay. It creates a loyal guest and shows the friendship you build with your guest.

The more positive interactions are found in your reviews, the more you will attract more potential guests. Provide incentives to entice guests to book again.

You can offer them a discount, a special offer, or additional perks for their next stay in your property. Let them know that you value their loyalty and want to reward them for choosing your accommodation.


Responding to Airbnb reviews is very important to build connections and resolve any problems your guests face.

Don’t be afraid of receiving negative reviews as long as you effectively engage with guests, address concerns, and show that you value them.

Remember that it’s essential to understand and read each review thoughtfully before responding to get what they mean.

Practice politeness and professionalism because your tone matters a lot, and your future guests will reflect on it based on what they have read from the reviews.

By implementing these practices, hosts can create a positive impression, build trust with guests, and ultimately attract more bookings on Airbnb.