Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number”- Explained

Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number” Explained

When searching for a new destination, Airbnb is one of the popular platforms known for its hospitality and local experience. However, like any other platform, problems with receiving code might discourage you from using the platform. A delay or invalid number might affect your patience and ruin your travel plans. You’re ready to arrange your … Read more

Airbnb Bringing More Guests Than Booked – Explained

Airbnb Bringing More Guests Than Booked Explained

Bringing an extra guest can frustrate Airbnb hosts, especially when there’s no notice. Whether they are a close friend, workmate, or family member, they are considered unauthorized guests. Some hosts will consider it, but it might affect their rental property. Airbnb has general guidelines where hosts can specify the maximum number of guests they will … Read more

Airbnb Hurricane Cancellation Policy – A Comprehensive Guide

Airbnb Hurricane Cancellation Policy - A Comprehensive Guide

Unexpected circumstances, such as hurricanes, can disrupt your travel plans when planning a vacation. It’s hard to enjoy the destination on your way when the wind is uninviting. Significantly, when you booked accommodation, your travel plan was affected. Due to this, cancellation is unavoidable, and getting a refund is a big concern. In this article, … Read more

Using a Noise Detector in Airbnb – All You Need to Know

Staying in an Airbnb rental can be a wonderful experience, but one potential challenge is managing noise levels. Excessive noise can disrupt guests’ comfort and satisfaction, leading to negative reviews and potential conflicts. However, hosts can proactively address this issue by utilizing noise detectors in their Airbnb rentals. This article will discuss the benefits of … Read more

Airbnb COVID Policy – Explained

Airbnb COVID Policy Explained

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, it affected various travel industries. Airbnb is one of the online marketplaces for hosts and guests that was greatly affected by the sudden world change. It imposed a significant challenge to the traveling industry and the safety protocols needed to avoid infections. Due to that, policies need to be … Read more