Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number”- Explained

When searching for a new destination, Airbnb is one of the popular platforms known for its hospitality and local experience.

Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number”- Explained

However, like any other platform, problems with receiving code might discourage you from using the platform.

A delay or invalid number might affect your patience and ruin your travel plans. You’re ready to arrange your travel and itinerary so well but end up stuck waiting for the code.

Hold on for a moment; it’s not too late yet. This article will share the main reasons you can’t receive a code and how to fix it.

Reasons for Not Receiving the Code

When you attempt to sign up or log in to Airbnb, you must verify your phone number for security purposes. You will have to wait for the verification code via SMS, but what if you see this one:

“We can’t send a code to this number.” It can be frustrating, but wait, this error is typically due to several reasons:

Invalid or Unsupported Phone Number

Airbnb supports phone numbers from various countries, but specific phone numbers may be different from their system. It could be due to a technical limitation or a temporary issue with the phone number provider.

Ensure that it is not a Skype or Google Voice number, as their type of verification text usually works with traditional carriers and not VoIP numbers.

Phone Number Already Associated With an Account

If you are signing up with a phone number linked to an existing account in Airbnb, you might not receive a verification code.

Airbnb allows only one account per phone number. The platform has a policy where only one phone number is available per Airbnb account. It is to avoid the misuse and fraudulent activities due to multiple accounts.

Temporary Technical Issues

Technical glitches may sometimes affect the verification system, but do not worry; they’re only temporary.

These kinds of issues are often quickly resolved; however, they can cause inconveniences, such as Airbnb’s servers or network experiencing an interruption or connectivity problems causing a delayed delivery of codes.

  • Server Maintenance: Airbnb may currently be having server maintenance to check the functioning of its services. It might affect their other services and may be temporarily unavailable, including the verification code system.
  • Software Updates: Other instances might be that Airbnb is having regular updates to its software, perhaps to implement new features and fix security issues, bugs, and overall performance of the platform.
  • Technical glitches: This is often unavoidable and one of the leading factors for disrupting the verification code process. It can cause delay, but this usually doesn’t last longer and is quickly fixed by the platform.

Phone Number Flagged for Suspicious Activity

There are instances when Airbnb associates a phone number with suspicious or fraudulent activity. It may affect your number from receiving the code. Your phone might have been flagged as spam.

Phone Number Provider Restrictions

Other phone number providers have restrictions or limitations that can affect how you receive verification codes.

Airbnb is a growing company that operates in different countries, each with its own legal and regulatory frameworks; some phone number providers may need to comply.

It can cause a delay in the delivery of codes in the messages.

Phone Number is on a “Do Not Disturb” Mode

Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number” Explained

Maybe you have set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” mode, which is why you can’t receive a verification code. Try to disable it because it can typically block your notifications from receiving SMS or phone calls.

Codes Are Sent in Spam

Sometimes, the verification code email or message from Airbnb may end up in your spam. Check your spam message if you haven’t received the verification code after waiting several minutes. You might as well consider this factor.

Ways to Resolve the Issue

If you encounter the “We can’t send a code to this number” error on Airbnb, there are various steps you can take to resolve the issue:

Check Your Phone Number

See if you need to correct the correct number and country code. Double-check if you need help with the process of getting a verification. Check your country’s phone number format; maybe it lacks digits.

These are the most common errors when trying to receive a confirmation code.

Try a Different Phone Number

You can try using another phone number, which can help you identify if the problem is with the Airbnb system or your number. Do not use other people’s phone numbers; use your secondary number.

Just a warning: Using someone else’s phone number may lead your account to suspension based on AIrbnb’s terms of service.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Try clearing the cache and cookies on your web browser or the Airbnb mobile app and see if it can resolve the problem. This process will remove temporary files and stored data that may contribute to the technical issue.

Note that doing this will log you out from signing in, so save your credentials or essential information.

Wait and Try Again Later

This error may be temporary and work later; wait a few hours and try getting the code again. Also, consider whether your network connection is stable or not.

A weak internet signal can delay the process. Try refreshing the web or the app and wait an hour to see if it’s okay.

Consider Methods of Verification/Confirmation

If the phone number verification continues to be problematic, Airbnb offers alternative methods for account verification. You can request a code sent to your email instead of SMS.

If you want to create an account, you can link your social media profile for an easy process, such as Facebook or Google. By doing these, you can automatically add a layer of account verification.

You May Try to Contact Airbnb Support

Airbnb “We Can’t Send a Code to This Number”- Explained

If you have done almost everything, it is recommended that you contact customer support to solve your problem. The Airbnb team can help troubleshoot the issue and assist with the best way to proceed.

If you’re experiencing issues with not receiving a verification code from Airbnb, here are the steps you can take to contact Airbnb support for assistance:

Go to the Help Center

If you have already signed in, all you have to do next is to find the Help Center section. If you use the web version, select “Help” at the top right corner of your profile picture.

On the other hand, if you are using the mobile app, go to your profile, and below it is the Visit the Help Center. Finally, choose Contact Us.

Select the Appropriate Issue

You can find the list of common issues in Airbnb in the search bar. Select the option that describes your situation, such as “Not receiving verification code.”

Decide your preferred contact method, including phone support, live chat, or email.

Provide Relevant Details

Give accurate details about your current issue so the team support can sort it out.

It may include providing your account information, what specific verification code you’re struggling with, and supporting screenshots to show your problem clearly.


Encountering a delay or problem of not receiving a code on Airbnb can be frustrating, but knowing the reasons behind it and following the guidelines outlined above can help you resolve the issue.

It might delay your time trying to figure out what went wrong, but if there’s a problem, a solution comes.

Double-check your phone number to see if your connectivity is good, or you may use another number or an email. If none works, don’t hesitate to ask Airbnb support for assistance.

You can fix the situation by taking these actions to continue using the platform.