When Guests Want to Leave Early: Airbnb Hosts Guide

Staying at an Airbnb property can be a rewarding experience. Unfortunately, as with all things, sometimes things do not go as planned. And, at times, the Airbnb guest may want to leave early. This has become a common occurrence among travelers, explaining what inspired us to create this detailed guide. Regarding reasons why an Airbnb … Read more

Airbnb – Dealing with Guests with No Reviews

Airbnb – Dealing with Guests with No Reviews

You may receive an Airbnb booking request from a guest with no reviews. That does not necessarily indicate that they’re untrustworthy. They may be new to the platform, stayed with hosts who didn’t leave feedback, or made private bookings. However, it can be challenging due to safety issues and concerns over property damage. But don’t … Read more

Should Airbnb Hosts Provide Toilet Paper? –Full Guide

Should Airbnb Hosts Provide Toilet Paper –Full Guide

Airbnb has become a popular alternative to traditional hotel stays. It allows travelers to experience a more authentic and affordable stay in a local neighborhood. One question that has often been debated among Airbnb hosts and guests is whether or not hosts should provide toilet paper. Some guests expect to have all the necessary amenities … Read more

Sneaking Extra Guests in Airbnb – All You Need to Know

Sneaking Extra Guests in Airbnb – All You Need to Know

Airbnb has been a popular option for travelers seeking affordable and convenient accommodation. However, many travelers are tempted to sneak extra guests into their rental to save money or increase the available space. But is it worth the risk? Sneaking additional guests into an Airbnb rental violates the platform’s policy. It can result in severe … Read more

Airbnb Hot Tub Rules – Explained

Airbnb Hot Tub Rules All You Need to Know

There’s nothing quite appealing like the feeling of sinking into a hot tub, surrounded by stunning views. But did you know mishandling hot tub equipment without the host’s permission creates safety hazards? Despite Airbnb hosts being strict with their facilities, some guests often assume any damages are paid for in the rental charges. This is … Read more

How To Add Airbnb Pet Fee (Step-By-Step)

Airbnb How To Add Pet Fee – Step By Step Guide

Pet-friendly Airbnb accommodations are in high demand. They have higher booking rates, repeat guests, and more revenue. However, many hosts are hesitant to accept pets due to concerns over potential damage, allergies, and extra cleaning. An easy and cost-effective solution is to add a pet fee to your Airbnb listing. You can use this fee … Read more

Airbnb Access Denied – How to Solve the Issue

Airbnb Access Denied – Causes and How to Solve the Issue

If you’re attempting to use Airbnb but keep getting an access denied message, don’t worry, we’re here to help. This error message, termed error/status code 403, can be caused by numerous technical issues whether you’re an Airbnb host or a guest, but thankfully there are ways to fix it. We’ve done our research, and in … Read more