9 Common Airbnb Problems for Neighbors

By March 31, 2022, there were 6 million active Airbnb listings worldwide. And that’s despite the controversies surrounding Airbnb.

9 Common Airbnb Problems for Neighbors

Although the company seems to be doing well, neighbors still have issues with Airbnb.

What do your neighbors say about Airbnb listings in your city?

Are they complaining about skyrocketing housing prices or the inconvenience of living near a rental property?

Maybe they’re already paranoid, constantly peeking behind the curtains and judging incoming visitors by their appearance.

It’s unsettling to have strangers coming and going. Meanwhile, you know it’s the weekend because of the noise.

The thought of a unit turning into a brothel after an experience probably frightens you. A visitor should have made an effort to disguise her weekend business.

This post addresses these and other common problems with Airbnb neighbors.

1. Lack of Prior Communication from Airbnb Hosts on Listing

It is disrespectful for a host to offer a home on Airbnb without first consulting you, especially if you share amenities.

It is wrong for you to discover that the neighboring house is rented out because of a bad experience.

Bad experiences can be loud music at 3 am, for example. Or when a stranger shows up at your front door and needs help with the lock.

It’s common courtesy to let your neighbors know about your new venture. By keeping the lines of communication open, you can be sure you’ll be notified if a problem arises.

This is an excellent way to handle Airbnb neighbor complaints. Inadequate communication leads to backstabbing.

Your neighbors will tell Airbnb about your short-term rental escapades, causing you problems. Some neighbors will report you to the authorities, and Airbnb might suspend your listing.

You would also feel offended if you learned from a stranger that your neighbor is subletting his apartment for vacation, especially if this affects your peace or disturbs it for a long time.

2. Noise at Odd Hours in Airbnb Rentals

Noise tops the list of common complaints from Airbnb neighbors. Raucous strangers interrupting sleep is annoying.

Yet, even with the ban on parties, Airbnb guests still break the rules and hold house parties.

Airbnb Neighbors Complaints about Excessive Noise

Cars moving around the clock, booming loud music, screams, and sometimes fights in the middle of the night are irritating.

Sex noises in the middle of the night or a running washing machine keeping you awake all night is excessive noise.

Airbnb Neighbors Complaints about Excessive Noise

The noise issue is serious.

Some places worldwide have banned or restricted Airbnb listings in residential areas.

Noise from rude strangers in a quiet neighborhood degrades the quality of life. Residential areas suddenly turn into hotel districts with strangers constantly checking in and out.

Another reason that leads us to the next problem is the high housing prices foreseen by local authorities.

3. High Rental Charges and Evictions in Favor of Airbnb

9 Common Airbnb Problems for Neighbors

Renting out homes through Airbnb is lucrative.

Homeowners can evict or ask long-term tenants to vacate their homes in favor of profitable short-term rentals.

Additionally, entrepreneurs continue to buy properties in prime neighborhoods to promote the Airbnb business. Worse, they rent out entire homes.

As a result, housing prices and rents rise as there are fewer homes to rent, lease, or buy, and people scamper for these few homes.

4. Trash Everywhere and Improper Disposal of Garbage

Airbnb guests can litter shared areas and leave lots of trash, especially after a party. The trash lying all over the place attracts rodents and dogs, which scatter the remains everywhere.

It’s even worse when there aren’t enough trash cans due to municipal trash collection policies.

Insects, rodents, and dogs pounce on the trash before cleanup crews can remove it, and in the summer, the foul odor is unbearable.

The garbage attracts a swarm of flies, and it can be very frustrating once they’re in the home.

5. Parking Problems for Airbnb Neighbors

You’ve probably yelled at your neighbor for blocking you or parking in your spot. Parking is a common problem when there needs to be more parking.

Especially if the Airbnb host doesn’t set parking rules and guests park everywhere.

You’ll probably complain that Airbnb guests are taking up all the parking spots on the street, so you have to find another place to park.

Or if you need to attend to an urgent matter, a car is parked in your driveway, and you’re yet to learn who the owner is.

Sometimes drunk, unruly guests smash car windows or leave clothes and shoes in the parking lot after making out.

This is a nuisance for parents raising their children in the area.

6. Airbnb Problem for Neighbors: Safety Concerns

9 Common Airbnb Problems for Neighbors

Safety is paramount and a significant factor when deciding where to live.

It’s disconcerting to think that a drug dealer is your neighbor or that shady business is being done in your neighborhood.

You may be paranoid that the visitors can harm you or break in and steal valuables. Living in fear and constantly checking behind your back may result in an anxiety disorder.

It could even make you move to a different place, which is understandable.

In a safety example, two minors lost their lives, and scores were injured in Pittsburgh Airbnb after a senseless shooting ensued at a party.

So, if you live near Airbnb rentals, be aware of your surroundings and don’t leave valuables in open spaces.

Also, keep windows closed when you’re not around. If the Airbnb host is approachable, ask for a thorough screening of visitors as a safety precaution.

You could also report to Airbnb Neighborhood Support or local authorities.

7. Property Damage by Drunk Guests

While many Airbnb guests are respectful and considerate, others are rowdy and destructive.

Drunk guests high on drugs may trespass and vandalize property in fits of rage and brawls. They could smash your window or ram into your car when drunk driving.

Property damage is an Airbnb nightmare for neighbors, whether on their property or in areas they share with Airbnb sublets.

8. Sharing Amenities with Airbnb Home Rentals

In some areas, plumbing and power lines are interconnected between apartments. Sharing amenities poses a problem when a vacationer brings more guests than allowed.

Imagine taking a shower, and the water is too hot because someone flushed the toilet next door.

Sharing amenities is only a pleasant experience when Airbnb guests are considerate of their neighbors. Clear expectations and house rules from the host to guests go a long way.

9. When Airbnb Guests Smoke in Prohibited Areas

Careless guests puffing on a joint or cigar close to your home is annoying. Nobody likes the smell of cigarettes or Marijuana in their homes.

So, when the vacationers are smokers, you may ask them to take it away from your windows or wait for them to leave.


Airbnb has revolutionized the lodging industry and is popular in some areas. Yet complaints from Airbnb neighbors are piling up.

The most common complaints from Airbnb neighbors include less parking, excessive noise, and security.

Airbnb’s main problems with hosts are indifference and lack of communication. It is a good practice for Airbnb hosts to build trustworthy relationships with neighbors.

They should also guide their clients with reasonable rules for peaceful coexistence.

So, if there is no parking space in your Airbnb neighborhood or the rent suddenly skyrockets, that’s the Airbnb effect.

However, remember that you have rights and avenues to voice your concerns.