Here are the top 10 Tips to boost your Airbnb and get more guests :

Tip #1 Photos

airbnb listing photo

Photos are the #1 Tool that can drive traffic to your listing and give you more guests. It shows credibility and instills confidence in your guest to book your place.

Your photos don’t have to be just photos of your space but you could also close-up photos of interesting objects, noooks or corners.

Get an in-depth look into how to take photos for your airbnb in this blog.

Tip #2 Clean

Airbnb clean space

They say that Cleanliness is next to Godliness. And that holds true for your Airbnb listing.

A clean space is what gets you the 5-star reviews after your guest checks-out.

Your space should be cleaned after every check-out and checked for any dirt, hair, or other garbage that may gross your next guest out. You should also clean the bathroom and take out the trash that your previous guest may have left behind.

Change the bedsheets and linens once in a week if your guest is staying for the long haul. Also clean their rooms every alternate day or get it cleaned by a maid to make sure they don’t live in a world of dust.

Ensure that their daily garbage is being taken out either by them or by you. You don’t have to handle all the work and you could also ask your guests to pitch in if it’s a small kind of work like taking their thrash out or cleaning up after eating dinner, etc.

Here is a blog that gives you tips & tricks to speed up your cleaning process and get it done efficiently.

Tip #3 Price Cheap to Start

Getting guests at the beginning can be a daunting task especially if there’s a lot of competition around you.

So price it reasonably and cheap to get your first guests and build a bunch of good 5-star reviews.

I would ideally change the price of my listing after I reach Superhost level if I’m starting from scratch. It usually takes about 3 months to receive your first Superhost badge from Airbnb if you do the hosting and everything right.

After that, you can increase the rate of your Airbnb listing. It would be ideal to justify the price increase by adding extra amenities and providing a more comfortable experience to your guests.

Tip #4 Up to Date Calendar

airbnb calendar
top 10 ways to boost your airbnb

Updating your Calendar is of paramount importance as


Tip #5 Respond Quick & Gather Info

Tip #6 Hotel-like yet Personal

Tip #7 Transparency

Tip #8 Learn Limits

Tip #9 Finances & Law

Tip #10 Have fun!


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