In this episode, you will get to hear the fascinating tales of KC’s life from being a Fighter Pilot to hosting people from around the world along with his wife Grace.

He talks about a plethora of things starting from his time in the Indian Air Force traveling all across India to being involved in the Indian war against Pakistan in which he was captured as a prisoner of war for a period of about 8 months.

He then tells us about his interesting stories he’s had being an Airbnb host. From helping a guest who exceeded her visa limit to going above & beyond in helping another guest who traveled without a phone in India. This episode is an absolute treat to all those who are hosting in India and you can learn many a thing from KC’s beautiful anecdotes and experiences.

Towards the end of the episode, we have a quick fire round, where I ask him on how he deals with the nitty-gritty of Airbnb hosting from whether he welcomes every guest personally even if they arrive late to hosting unmarried couples in India.

So stay tuned till the end and enjoy this great bit of conversation I had with KC Kuruvilla.

He has two listings which you can check out in the links below.

You can get in touch with him directly if you would like to support him personally too.

LinkedIn | Airbnb

KC’s Airbnb Listings

KC & Grace 1BR Penthouse & Large Balcony Sitout

KC & Grace Top Floor Apt – 2 BR Private Oasis


Time in the Air Force



  • [01:23] Being in a boarding school from 5 to 56
  • [15:40] Returning home from Pakistan
  • [16:40] Getting the Vir Chakra
  • [17:30] Getting back to Flying
  • [22:00] Posting to Iraq and flying in the Iraqi Air Force
  • [23:30] How KC got into Airbnb hosting
  • [26:00] First Guest in KC’s house
  • [29:00] Revamping the whole house for Airbnb
  • [30:30] Waking up at 3:45 AM is the secret to KC’s energy | Lot of useful personal habits you guys can pick up!
  • [31:30] All reviews were 5-star reviews
  • [32:00] What Airbnb has to learn from KC | Airbnb needs to become more humane
  • [33:00] Airbnb in Paris with KC
  • [34:33] Secret behind the 5-Star Rated Reviews
  • [35:50] Interesting Stories to tell during the hosting journey – The Girl who overstayed her Visa
  • [40:20] The American Girl who traveled without a Phone in India. Guess why?
  • [43:30] Building a home for the victims of the Chennai Floods
  • [44:30] Instant booking & Dynamic Pricing & why KC does not agree with both of it?
  • [45:20] Being an Airbnb Traveller
  • [49:00] A considered opinion to Airbnb | All management came from the armed forces.
  • [50:00] A lot more interaction should be there with the Superhost
  • [52:00] What is your goal going ahead with Airbnb hosting?
  • [55:00] Breakfast in the Fridge – Calcutta
  • [56:00] Airbnb should learn that there is much more to India than just getting more Airbnb Hosts.
  • [57:30] There is no Indian Dream. There is an American Dream.

Quick Fire Round [58:00]

  • How do you deal with Airbnb Guests who reach very late at night?
  •  How do you deal with guests who stay after the check-out time?
  • What is the first thing you share with your Airbnb guests after their booking is confirmed? 
  • Do you clean-up after every guest checks out?
  • Do you prefer long-term stays or short-term stays?
  • Do you provide food for your guests?
  • How do you deal with back-to-back bookings?
  • How do you help guests arrange trips in India?
  • How did you manage to get a self-check-in for one of your listings?
  • How do you deal with Airbnb Tax?
  • Do your guests book to host parties as well?
  • What do you do when a guest causes damage to your listings?
  • Do you accept all the queries you get through Airbnb?
  • [1:07:00] Do you accept unmarried couples from India?
  • How has Airbnb changed or impacted your life?


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