In this episode, we get to hear the very fascinating story of Andreas van de Laar from Amsterdam. He had been working on a very innovative and exciting documentary project called “Made in India.”

Andreas van de Laar was the second guest from Holland to stay at our Airbnb.

The idea of an Airbnb Podcast for Indian/Asian hosts was born while having breakfast with him and he thought it was a great initiative. He helped me get it off the ground by recording our first podcast.

He was at his initial stages when he was doing his documentary which was setting up appointments and bringing together a crew to shoot the whole thing.

He later decided to just to do the whole thing by himself by using his phone and travel all across India. And he landed interviews with the top-most personalities of India – Shashi Tharoor, Narayan Murthy, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw etc., to name a few.

I have immense respect for this man for the great initiative he has taken to show the positive side of India amidst all the negative that has been happening.

Please support his project and help spread the positivity.

You can get in touch with him directly if you would like to support him personally too.

LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook 



  • What is your project all about? [01:23]
  • How did you get this project rolling? [01:50]
  • Did you get all the interviews you wanted to get done during your time in India? [03:00]
  • How did you land an interview with all these famous personalities of India? [03:15]
  • The goal of the Project and how India inspired Andreas [5:00]
  • Rapes in India [7:00]
  • What were the biggest obstacles you’ve overcome in order to get this project together? [7:30]
  • Doing the project all on your own [10:00]
  • What kind of equipment did you use to film your documentary? [11:00]
  • If you would change anything, what would it be? [11:30]
  • Are you going to edit the whole project on your own? [12:00]
  • How did you manage to have a VISA for so long? [13:00]
  • Did you have any interesting stories during your stay in India? [13:30]
  • Did you use Airbnb at the time? [18:00]
  • What do you feel most proud or stood out doing this project?  [20:30]
  • When are you going to release this film? [28:00]
  • What are your next steps after you release the film? [29:40]
  • How is the audience going to view your film? [31:00]
  • What advice would you give to your juniors in the filmmaking industry? [32:00]
  • What is the one question that you would’ve expected me to ask? [36:00]
  • Where is the premiere going to be? [38:00]
  • Where can people fund you for the project? [39:00]


Andreas Interviewed the Below Mentioned People for his Documentary :

Shashi Tharoor (Lok Sabha)
Narayana Murthy (Infosys/Catamaran)
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw (Biocon) Sunita Narain (CDSE),
Navi Radjou (Author Jugaad/Frugal Innovation)
Faye D’Souza (Mirror Now)
Sugata Mitra (Professor/Hole in the Wall Project)
Milind Deora (Former Union Minister of State)
Christopher Benninger (CDSA)
Jaideep Prabhu (Professor Cambridge University/Author)
Sonam Wangchuk (SECMOL)
Srinivas Prasad (CEO Philips Innovation Campus)
Adithya Pasupulety (Bio-Design)
Sahil Mehta (Lattice Innovations)
Vaibhav Chhabra (Maker’s Asylum)
Anil K Gupta (SRISTI/HoneyBee Network)
R.A. Mashelkar (NIF/Reliance)
Janak Palta-McGilligan (Padma Shri Solar Cooking)
Dr. Nilima Kadambi (Doctor/Author ‘My Ajji’)
Arun Shanbag (Chief Innovation Officer MIT Manipal)
Helmut Brandt (Professor MIT Manipal)
Taslim Sayied (C-Camp Biotech)
Lakshyaraj Singh-Mewar (Mewar Heritage Hotels Udaipur)
Mukul Deora (Film-Producer/Singer)
Kristin Kagetsu (Saathi-Pads)
Shubhi Sachan (Sustainable Material Designer)
Sridhar Pabbiesty (Namma Bengaluru)
Yasmin Kidwai (Filmmaker/Political Activist)
Rajshri Deshpande (Actress/Humanitarian)
Tanmay Shah (Imaginarium)
Aneeta Gokhale (CDSA)
Indira Reddy (Riverbend School)
Anurag Behar (Azim Premji Foundation)
Arun Chidambaram (Writer/Filmmaker)
V Ravichandar (Civil Evangelist Bangalore),
Jadgish Chaturvedi,
Pooja Kadambi,
Sumedh Kalagud,
Vaibhav Joshi,
Ravi Jangir,
Dr Rohan D’Souza,
Shaunak Patel,
Ramakrishna Pappu (Inncaccell)
Prachi Arya (Head of Legal, Koan Advisory, own views)

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