Building Communities in Panchgani via Airbnb with Indrajeet Ghorpade

In today’s episode, we talk to Indrajeet Ghorpade who is a superhost from Panchgani Maharashtra and has been hosting remotely for the past 3 years. He does all this with the help of the local Wadkar family who help maintain his place and take care of the guests. This has helped the Wadkars in building a livelihood for themselves and also helped them send their daughters to school. So listen in on this great podcast episode and get inspired!

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Show Notes

[01:00] Indrajeet’s Intro

  • [01:50] How did you hear about Airbnb?
  • [02:30] How did you start your hosting journey with the help of the wadkar family?
  • [04:00] First point of contact & the aritcle on the wadkar community in Panchgani
  • [05:46] Creating a small menu for home-cooked food.
  • [06:00] Chicken Curry & Bhakri (Johar & bajra roti). Top most food is chicken thali & Aloo paratha for breakfast.
  • [09:30] What is so attractive about Panchgani?
  • [12:00] Who was your favourite guest? 
  • [15:30] Fireflies in Jeet’s Ancestral Home
  • [16:40] Negative Experience hosting as a host in India.
  • [17:30] Guests taking out all the eggs while checking out.
  • [19:00] How do you deal with negative reviews?
  • [22:00] Instances of reporting to Airbnb about damaged property.
  • [22:30] What are your future plans with Airbnb hosting? 
  • [23:00] Selling cloth bags and building businesses through airbnb
  • [25:00] Tips for remote hosting
  • [26:30] Receiving the host award from Airbnb in 2016 
  • [28:30] Hospitality in India and overseas.
  • [30:00] How has Airbnb hosting changed your life? Bring the family a lot more closer through hosting together.
  • [31:40] How’s your stay in Hyderabad?
  • [32:30] What are your goals in life?
Quick Fire Round
  • [34:00] What is the occupancy rate and how do you deal with off season months?
  • [35:00] How do you pay the Wadkar family?
  • [36:00] What extra provisions & basic amenities do you provide?
  • [37:00] Do you have any Airbnb pricing tips?
  • [38:00] Do you use any apps or services that helps you in your hosting? Location details, check in information, guidebooks, other tips, house rules & others.
  • [38:30] Do you charge your cleaning fee for your guests? 
  • [39:00] Do you have any safety features? Fire Extinguisher, Safety guide from the Airbnb Platform, & First-Aid Kid.
  • [40:00] How do you deal with back to back bookings? Keeping sufficient amount of linens to support back to back bookings. 
  • [41:00] What kind of guests do you get?
  • [42:00] Do you accept all the guests you get from Airbnb?
  • [43:00] Do you provide complimentary breakfast? 
  • [43:00] Number #1 tip for Airbnb Hosts

“One way to make people feel really happy is through food.” ~ Indrajeet Ghorpade

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