I have been hosting on Airbnb for the past 3 years and here are the top 5 teachings that I can take from the hosting experience.

Teaching No.1

You will become a better version of yourself.

I was always a shy kid and an introvert. I never really spoke much and never had a leadership mentality. Well, after hosting multiple guests on airbnb and dealing with multiple factors such as logistics, transportation, and other entrepreunerial activities, I have become a better version of myself and I have learned to become more confident in general and dealing with people.

You will also inculcate new habits within you such as keeping your house clean and respecting other people’s privacy.

Teaching No.2

You will develop an Entrepreneurial approach to life.

Airbnb has brought many an opportunity to me which I have tried to grasp as much as I could. I have started an export business to Korea after hosting a Korean guest. I have improved my German language speaking skills after hosting a German guest.  I have started learning more about the various passive income opportunities happening these days that can inevitably help you quit your job and work from home. The list is endless.

Teaching No.3

You will learn a lot from the stories and experiences of guests and their cultures.

I have a better understanding of the world after hosting guests from all around the world. Right from their description to the parties in Ibiza to their 2-day naked workshop in Chile. These guys really open your eyes to the world and kindles the travel spirit within you. And you will learn a lot about their culture.

Teaching No.4

You will kindle the traveler within you

After listening to their myriad stoires and experiences, all I want to do right now is travel the world. So I’m working on building a website that generates passive income such as this one and the myriad other ways.

Teaching No.5

You will learn to stay humble and respect each other more.

I was a very

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