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From the scariest stories to the most inspiring ones of Airbnb Hosting & Travelling, this is the place to be.

Welcome to Airbnb Tales Podcast where you will get to listen to the myriad stories of hosts and guests from around the world. 

You will also get to hear tips and tricks to tweak your Airbnb listing to reap its full potential.

So tune in and get ready for one hell of an Airbnb ride.

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About The Podcast Host

I have been hosting for the past four years on Airbnb as a Superhost. I have learned a lot hosting people from all around the world and it has helped my family and I in a big way not only financially but also emotionally. My parents have also changed since hosting the many guests we’ve had as we shared many stories and culture with our guest.

Right from our first guest Kaustabh to the different guests we’ve had, and to the many more guests who are to come in the future, it has truly been a rewarding experience and I would like to share this journey with you guys so you can start living the Airbnb Life.

I also work as a full time architect and host on the side. 

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